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I saw Gabrielle for around two years, usually on a weekly basis. Working with her throughout that time benefitted me immensely and my mental wellbeing has been markedly improved. She is empathetic and an exceptional listener, I found it easy to open up to her without fear of judgement. Thanks to her guidance and skilled counselling techniques we were able to delve deeply, but safely, into any underlying issues, some of which had been affecting me for years. This enabled a better understanding of myself which assisted in making the correct decisions in my own life and have a greater sense of awareness of my emotions, reactions and general state of mind. I would recommend Gabrielle without hesitation. Simon

.  .  .  .  .

“Thank you very much Gabrielle! I really didn’t know…didn’t expect….that I could be supported by you to so clearly and deliberately describe, investigate and inform how my situation is as it is and how insights are possible when understanding is as carefully guided as it has been by you

We have just finished our last conversation..as planned for now anyway…

I came to today’s session wholly tired with the usual accompaniment of sad…and am writing this later deeply uplifted and feeling excited for myself. I know those are the words I used in our conversation earlier but they are true still for now and I am sure ..also for tomorrow and the day after. This was our last planned session…..I am pleased you said that an unplanned one could still happen if need knocks! My lorry load of a life’s reflection and wondering as to purpose brought me to seek counselling …….I had no sense though of the freedom you would create to enquire about so much – beyond my grieving and my pain – and how my conversations with you have stimulated a mighty release – an opportunity to step out into experience once again. Thank you for letting me in and allowing me to be very safely certain that it is ok to talk….to reach out and to relax into the most personal of what it is to be me……”  Michael

.  .  .  .  .

“Gabrielle has been hugely helpful to me over recent months as I’ve tried to come to terms with the complicated loss of a parental relationship. Her understanding and warmth have allowed us in our meetings to examine difficult feelings in what’s felt like a very safe environment.

I have come away from the experience feeling much more able to live with the situation and the complex feelings that will inevitably at times arise.” Sarah

.  .  .  .  .

“Having experienced personal therapy several times, I believe that it is the work with Gabrielle that has been the most pivotal and transformative. The work was very well paced; I did not feel rushed, nor did I feel the burden of expectation in reaching a particular goal within a specific time frame.

Working creatively, certainly took me out of my comfort zone, however I always felt safe and held in doing so, and I believe that it was during these moments that reparative healing of those childhood wounds occurred.

I’m very aware that the issue of touch is a contentious issue within the therapeutic field. However without hesitation, Gabrielle’s use of appropriate touch had powerful therapeutic value and made the encounter a very human one.

I have heard some therapists say of late that “there is no longer any love in therapy.”  I do not believe this is the case here – there is clear enthusiasm and passion underpinning her work. I do hope to return in the future, and continue our work together.” Emma

.  .  .  .  .

  “Thank you so much for everything you done for me. My confidence and esteem was on the floor when I came to you and your kindness, warmth and compassion have helped build me back up again. I never thought there could be a way through it just seemed like so many problems. But even though some of the problems haven’t gone away I feel so much stronger now to deal with them and you’ve helped me to actually like myself. I learned things change quicker if your kind to yourself than if your impatient. I hope I remember that.”  Kath

.  .  .  .  .

“I came to Gabrielle because my life was a mess. I was on the verge of losing my job because my anxiety and moods were affecting my performance and my relationships with colleagues. To start with Gabrielle helped me get control of my anxiety and learn to manage the symptoms. I’ve had therapy before CBT mainly, but after a brief period of improvement I always seem to end up with the same issues coming back.  But Gabrielle helped me get ‘underneath’ all of that to the real problems. I was able for the first time to work through some very painful childhood abuse issues that were affecting me in the present. I discovered that its possible to befriend your child self, kind of go back and help him and give him some of the things he didn’t have. It was painful work and I had to face some memories I’ve stayed away from for years, but it was worth it. We worked together over a few years and I can honestly say it’s changed my life. Everything is different now, I’m much more relaxed at work and most of my relationships feel better, less friction with everyone. Its definitely the best thing I ever did for myself!”  Adam


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